A clear objective of the Maputo Protocol is to force abortion on every country in Africa.
The promoters of this document should be honest about its aims. If they say that the purpose of the Maputo Protocol is to fight FGM, then it should do just that, and not drag other issues like abortion and family planning into it.

Africans have always treasured life and family. The Maputo Protocol is an unprecedented assault on developing human life in the womb and the traditional family. Africa's power lies not in her natural resources, but in the vibrancy of her young population. Any nation -- indeed, any continent -- that kills the next generation cannot survive.

The Maputo Protocol was inspired by Europeans, not Africans. Perhaps it is significant that Europe, where most countries have had abortion on demand for many years, has suffered from a declining population for the last decade and is now the world’s only “dying” continent.
Africa must not follow the example of suicidal Europe.


  1. We recommend that the African nations which have not yet ratified the Maputo Protocol refuse to ratify this document.
  2. If preventing ratification is not possible, States should make formal reservations to the pro-abortion language in article 14 and anti-family provisions in other parts of the Protocol.
  3. African nations, especially health ministers, should resist anti-life policy changes coming from the Maputo Plan of Action which calls for “policies and legal frameworks to reduce the incidence of unsafe abortion,” training “service providers in the provision of comprehensive abortion care services where national law allows,” and implementation of “safe abortion services to the fullest extent of the law.”


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